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Movie Explores Why US Ranks 23rd of Happiest Countries

Article by Deborah Huso

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Top Seven Ways to C’mon Get Happy

Article by Jenna Goudreau

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‘Happy’ Documentary argues that everyone can become happier

Article by Jeffrey Peterson

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Filmmaker Roko Belic Projects ‘Happy’

Article by Allan MacDonnell

“Belic’s documentary weaves a bright fabric of perspectives from the Dalai Lama, happiness researchers and a handful of the planet’s most fulfilled and flourishing people.”

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Film tackles the real pursuit of happiness

Article by Elizabeth Hellstern

“It seems like everywhere you turn, people are asking themselves if they are happy, and what they can do to make themselves feel better. The feature-length social documentary “Happy” focuses on the message that happiness is controllable, and not necessarily dependent on circumstances such as income.”

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MFF Review: “Happy

Article by Jeb Ebben

“Where Happy really shines is not in its presentation of scientific findings or choosing the right experts — both of which the film does quite well — but rather the way it constructs the emotional narratives at its center. “

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5 Ways To Feel Happy: Tips From Roko Belic’s Documentary “Happy”

Article by Sylvia Somerville

“Why is life satisfaction so much easier to come by in other places? The “Happy” crew identified these key factors from man-on-the-street interviews and conversations with research scientists….”

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HAPPY in the Aspen Times

Article by Stewart Oksenhorn

“Belic’s camera captures people in less-than-ideal circumstances: a rickshaw puller in an Indian slum; an American woman who was disfigured in an accident; a group of Japanese widows. But the emotional content of these lives is contentment and gratitude for what they have, especially in human companionship…”

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Movies from a spiritual perspective

Article by Jean Jessup“Immensely Uplifting…”
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Roko on Tucson’s KXCI Community Radio

Roko got a chance to talk with the great folks from 30 Minutes, a program on Tucson’s KXCI Community Radio Station

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“Happy a new film by Roko Belic”

Article by James Mills
“Personally I believe happiness isn’t just something that happens. I think we all try to create things in our lives that bring us joy…”
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Public Radio Exchange: “Happy — Filmmaker Roko Belic”

Article by Andrea Chase
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Roko Belic Charts Path to ‘Happy’

Article by Susan Gerhard
“Though it’s a state of being, happiness is also, as it turns out, a skill.”
Check out this exclusive interview with Director Roko Belic in the San Francisco Gate!
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‘Happy’ Review: Want Bliss? Go with the ‘flow’

Article by Walter Addiego
“The best way to appreciate “Happy,” an amiable documentary by Roko Belic (“Genghis Blues”), may be simply to stifle your inner cynic and go with the flow.”
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“The happy medium”

Article by Annell Knight
“Although happiness is not found in dollar notes or bank transfers, there is a correlation between wealth and contentment – but probably not in the way you might think.”
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“Happy in many states of mind”

Article by Liz Minchin
“ROKO Belic thought he was happy – until he made a film about happiness.”
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“Mountain Film In Telluride, Inspired by Happiness”

Article by James Mills
“In a celebration of adventure culture the 2011 Mountain Film in Telluride challenged show-goers to aspire to a higher purpose. Themed “Awareness to Action” top prize winners were rewarded for inspiring film fans to discover new possibilities.”
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Roko’s Interview with Killer Movie Reviews

Interview with Andrea Chase

Belic, a man with an inner serenity that comes through in both what he says and how he says it, talked about the effect the film had on him personally, the surprising science of happiness, and why surfing is more than just a joy ride on the water.

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‘Happy’ and ‘How to Live Forever’: connected ideas

Article by G. Allen Johnson

Former Bay Area resident Roko Belic’s “Happy,” opening Friday, is a quest for a meaningful happy life; Mark Wexler’s “How to Live Forever,” opening next week, is a quest for longevity. But Belic found happiness leads to longevity, and Wexler found that longevity without happiness is extremely rare.

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2011/06/29/NS0L1K33EH.DTL#ixzz1bp5F8zHU

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WGSO Radio Interview With Heidi Heyns

“But What Makes You Happy?”

Article by Stephanie Rosenbloom
“A two-bedroom apartment. Two cars. Enough wedding china to serve two dozen people. Yet Tammy Strobel wasn’t happy. Working as a project manager with an investment management firm in Davis, Calif., and making about $40,000 a year, she was, as she put it, caught in the work-spend treadmill,”… Click here for more information

Roko Belic’s new documentary “Happy”

Radio Interview by Liz Saint John

Documentary filmmaker Roko Belic was interested in what makes people happy and where the happy people are in the world. His new movie “Happy” is the result of his travels to investigate “what is happiness” and “who is happy and why.”

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“The Secret of Happiness: A Documentarian Looks for the Answer”

Article by Miguel Gonzalez Jr.
Roko Belic wants you to be happy. He also wants to change the world, which he says is “screwed up in many, many ways.” The Oscar-nominated director intends to try to do both by finishing his documentary film, “Happy,” and he’s aiming to secure the necessary financing through an increasingly popular… Click here for more information

“Roko Belic Talks HAPPY Documentary”

Article by Jennifer Ross
Academy Award-nominated documentary filmmaker Roko Belic (Genghis Blues, Beyond the Call) has devoted the last four years to answering a single question: what makes you happy? He took a small crew of producers and filmmakers to 14 different countries, combining psychological research on… Click here for more information

Digital Distribution – 2 Case Studies: HAPPY and Iron Sky

Article by Sydney Levine
American filmmakers are eagerly discussing and developing thoughts and strategies for DIY and Hybrid Distribution. New examples are always coming up which should mark the way toward a strategy for such distribution, but as a sort of blueprint, no strategic solution is in sight. I love… Click here for more information

“The Social Network, Streaming Boom Dominate Film in 2010”

Article by Stephanie Rosenbloom
From Pandora to Palo Alto, digital and social media grabbed movie headlines in 2010.
The year started with a box office record-breaker that captured our 3D imaginations (“Avatar”) and is ending with David Fincher’s fascinating look at Facebook (“The Social Network”) collecting… Click here for more information

“For Lifelong Happiness, Look to Okinawa”

Article by Ching-Li Tor
So it’s the New Year and you’ve wished/been wished a “Happy new year!” countless times … but what makes for a really happy year, or even a happy life? That’s a question that academy-award nominated director Roko Belic and manga biography publisher Eiji Han Shimizu have set out to answer in a… Click here for more information

Happy: how to invite delight with scientific, personal insights

Article by M. Abby Joseph

“…this decidedly upbeat exploration will appeal most to those who yearn for genuine contentment, and to others who are already happy to some degree.”
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‘Happy’ examines positive living

Article by Gary Chun

If director Roko Belic had his way, those who see his latest film, “Happy,” would pair it with “I Am,” a documentary by Hollywood director Tom Shadyac (“I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry”).
Both films share a common theme, exploring the relationship of happiness to personal health and well-being…

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The Science of Happiness: Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

Article by Jason Marsh

“Along the way, the film weaves in decades of research on happiness, featuring interviews with some of the world’s leading scientific experts on the topic, including Ed Diener, Richie Davidson, and Sonja Lyubomirsky. The stories he collected from around the globe illustrate what science knows about what makes people happy, what doesn’t, and why happiness matters.”

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Oscar-nominated director comes to Corvallis for chat about new film ‘Happy’

Article by Gazette Times

“‘Happy’ is more than a movie. It’s a movement,” Belic said. “My hope is that the film not only helps individuals find peace and contentment, but also that their personal happiness will lead to a more generous, more aware and more compassionate world.”

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