Dan Gilbert asks, “Why are we happy?”

ANYONE can be Happy. Can we create the emotion that we so greatly desire? According to researcher, and HAPPY movie star, Daniel Gilbert, the answer may be- yes. A 20min video that is definitely worth your time. Let us know what you think! [ted id=97] Read More

Maslow’s Theory Revisited

Ed Diener, a University of Illinois Psychologist and a great friend of ours at HAPPY, has set out to prove Maslow's theories about happiness are truly a part of our real lives, not just a theory. "To find proof that Maslow's theory translated into real life, Diener,...helped design the Gallup World Poll, a landmark survey on well-being with 60,865 participants from 123 countries that was conducted from 2005 to Read More

Be part of the HAPPY team

Want to share your skills to spread the HAPPY Movement? Becoming part of the HAPPY team is a meaningful way to get involved. We are a group of passionate people with diverse backgrounds and skills all working to share the message of happiness. Email today to get started: outreach@thehappymovie.com Read More

Happier with practice?

Here's some good news. Practicing positive activities may serve as an effective, low-cost treatment for people suffering from depression, according to researchers at the University of California, Riverside and Duke University Medical Center. The new approach involves what are called Positive Activity Interventions (PAI); intentional activities such as performing acts of kindness, practicing optimism, and counting Read More

The happy medium

Check out the latest article inspired by our recent Australian tour, which began at the largest happiness gathering in the world, called "Happiness and it's Causes" convention centered in Brisbane. The article offers a detailed breakdown of the correlation between happiness and money, and looks into the core themes discussed in HAPPY with regards to what truly makes us happy. Read More