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The Secrets of Happiness

According to the latest issue of Australian Yoga Journal, the question of "what really makes us happy?" is again brought to light. Diana Timmins interviews Roko Belic, HAPPY's director, in her article "The Secrets of Happiness" to gain more insight in to our most valued emotion. To read the full article, click here: Read More

HAPPY Thanksgiving!

In honor of this upcoming holiday, we are wishing everyone a very HAPPY Thanksgiving! Amidst the holiday traffic, delayed flights, and burnt stuffing, it's sometimes easy to lose sight of the meaning for the season. According to a new study, however, the feelings of gratitude can help you enjoy your holiday and be less likely to become upset during those often hectic holidays. Check out the full article in the Read More

Producer Eiji Han Shimizu to speak at Qi Global in Singapore

HAPPPY Producer Eiji Han Shimizu will be speaking among the top innovators in Asia at Qi Global's 2011 Conference on October 14. The movie itself will screen the day before. At the conference, titled "Designing Asia 2.0", Eiji will be talking about HAPPY and his quest with Roko as they traveled the world to uncover the keys to happiness. It promises to be an exciting event, with the leading CEOs, investors, Read More

That’s right, she said “Department of Happiness”

In our last post, we talked about how the state of Maryland, like the small country of Bhutan, is starting to consider more holistic measures of "wealth" than just GDP to measure their people's wealth. Today the Los Angeles Times blogged Read More

Maryland following Bhutan’s example of measuring happiness

Well, if you've seen HAPPY, you know that the government of Bhutan has been actively measuring what they call "Gross National Happiness" as an alternative to the standard benchmark "Gross Domestic Product." Why? Because the simple amount of production in the country doesn't actually measure the things that we're finding we care most about: relationships, leisure time, enjoying nature, feeling productive, and happiness Read More